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School Policies

Classroom/Campus Rules & Policies
Classroom rules are developed collaboratively by teachers and students; however, there are some basic rules that are in effect for all classes K-12:
  1. Students shall have their school planners in possession at all times. 
  2. Students shall not chew gum on campus.
  3. Students shall not wear sunglasses in the classroom, assemblies, and office.
  4. Students shall pay for lost or damaged textbooks and/or property.
  5. Students will serve as cafeteria workers when assigned, as required by State Law. Failure to serve in the cafe will be treated aas insubordination. 
  6. Students in grade 6-12 shall utilize the hall pass system when leaving the classroom at any time. 
  7. In grades K-8, use of electronic devices is prohibited throughout the school day. In grades 9-12, use of electronic devices are allowed before and after school, during recess times, and at that discretion of teachers during class time. 
Teachers will enforce their own additional classroom rules. After two infractions with consequences and parent notification, teacher may submit a behavior referral to the administration. 
Student Progress
Report cards will be issued shortly afterth end of each academic quarter. Progress reports will also be sent home at or about the middle of each academic quarter for each student in the middle and high school. Referrals and/or Chapter 19 disciplinary forms will be sent home as necessary. Parents/Guardians are asked to review these reports with their children and to consult with teachers/administration as necessary. PARENTS, please be proactive! If your child appear to be having difficulty, CALL US. 
Dress Code
Reasonable care and neatness in regard to dress and appearance are required of all students. Student clothing should allow reasonable movement without inappropriate exposure. Students shall be bound by all safety regulations regarding the dress code in all shop, laboratory, PE and vocational courses. Overly revealing clothing is not considered appropriate. 
Inappropriate clothing includes:
  1. skirts, dresses, or shorts that are too short
  2. revealing shirts, tops, and blouses
  3. clothing with obscene language or offensive designs, or those promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or referring to violence, gangs, antisocial behavior or female exploitation.
Footwear must be worn at all times for safety reasons.
Students who violate the standards for dress will be: 
  1. referred to the office
  2. asked to cover up offending clothing immediately
  3. infractions will be documented and parents notified
  4. repeated violators will result in detention and/or suspension as deemed necessary by administration.