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Hana Attendance Program (Road to Success!)

Road to Success is an intervention program designed to support families in developing positive attendance habits in order to maximize student instruction, learning & achievement for all students K-12th grade. The Department of Education accountability and improvement system, Strive HI looks at a student’s total attendance.

Chronic Absenteeism is defined as being absent 15 days or more throughout the school year.  We continue to encourage students to come to school “on time, every day,” and we appreciate your help in consistently getting your children to school.


Four (4) absences Parents receive a notification letter with an Attendance Summary
Six (6) absences Parents and student may be required to attend a Parent Conference with the Principal and/or Counselor
Nine (9) absences Level 1: Parents may be required to attend a 4-hour Parenting Support Session conducted by the Complex Support Team 
Ten or more (10+) absences after the Parent Support Session, or if parents don't attend the session Level 2: Parents may be required to attend a 2-hour Police Class conducted by a Police Officer
The next absence after the Police Class, or if parents don't attend the class Level 3: A referral to Family Court may be made.


“Chronic Absence” is defined as missing too much school for any reason. Chronic Absence includes:

  •      Excused absence
  •      Unexcused absence
  •      Suspensions

The Hawaii DOE defines chronic absence as 8.5% of total instructional days. For 180 instructional days, 15 absences = chronic absence.


Attendance Facts:

Compared to students who attend school regularly, chronically absent kindergarteners are

  •      2X as likely to be retained
  •      2X likely to be suspended by the end of 7th grade
  •      Likely to continue being chronically absent


Starting in pre-K, more years of Chronic Absence = Need for Intensive Reading Support by 2nd grade


Multiple Years of Chronic Absence in elementary school = Worse Middle School Outcomes


With every year of chronic absenteeism, a higher percentage of students dropped out of school.


Permission to Leave Campus

Hana School is a closed campus.

Students who must leave, must obtain a Permission to Leave Campus pass from the office.

Parents should call or write a note signed by a parent or guardian stating the date, time, duration, and reason for leaving campus.

A student pass should be signed out at the school office by an adult, and the pass should be carried with the student while away from the school campus.


Emergency School Closings

The decision may be made to close school due to inclement weather or for reasons that would endanger the health, safety, and welfare of students. We ask that you prepare your child(ren) for an early school dismissal by reviewing with your child(ren) the emergency procedures you have established for your family, such as going home on the bus, remaining in school under the supervision of administration, faculty and staff, or leaving with an authorized adult. Procedures should also be discussed as to where your child(ren) should report if  your home is locked. 

Please be sure that an emergency card is on file in the office. If that information changes at any time throughout the year, please inform the office. A student will not be released to anyone whose name does not appear on the emergency card.