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All forms for new, current, or transferring students can be found in the main office at Hana School. 
Preschool & Kindergarten
Preschool (4-year old program) - Birth date on/before July 31, 2013
Kindergarten (5-year old program) - Birth date on/before July 31, 2012
Registration Requirements:
  1. Form SIS (sign page 3)
  2. Form 14 (Student Health Record)
    • proof of physical
    • TB clearance
    • Updated Immunizations
  3. Copy of birth certificate or Passport
  4. Any other legal documents
    • ie. caregiver consent, adoption, custody papers, power of attorney
  5. Emergency Card (sign the back) 
*Preschool ONLY: EOEL application & copy of page 1 and 2 or your 2016 tax returns
*Kindergarten ONLY: indicate your preference for either English or Hawaiian Immersion at the top of page 1
Any questions or concerns? Contact our registrar, Gena Sansone, at for more info. 
Middle & High School Students

 Middle School

     -Student Council Fees = $5 per student


             High School

                -Student Government Fees = $7 per student

                -Class Dues = $8 per student

                -Athletic Dues = $20 per student (required for athletes; optional for non-athletes)


***Taking CASH ONLY for payment of student fees (this differs from prior years)