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Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

What is PBS?
Positive Behavior Support (PBS) gives teachers and staff an innovative and proactive way to think about student behavior. Positive Behavior Support is based on an approach to understand why problem behaviors occur. Positive Behavior Support incorporates various strategies to effectively maximize achievement and character development by differentiating student environments, teaching new skills, and focusing on positive behaviors that create support systems for the child.
The State of Hawaii Department of Education has focused on the merits of PBS to address the goal of students being educated in learning environments that are safe, drug free and conducive to learning.
Additionally, PBS supports the State’s General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) as well as the Department of Education’s system wide goals of literacy, civic responsibility, safety and well being found in the Nā Hopena A'o Statements. PBS is an integral component in the school’s Academic Plan to sustain comprehensive support for all students.
Positive Behavior Support is a school-wide system that embraces Hāna High and Elementary School’s Mission of providing opportunities for students to gain knowledge, skills and values which will prepare them to succeed in all facets of Life.