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Graduation Requirements

Credits required to pass from:

9th to 10th grade—5

10th to 11th grade—11

11th to 12th grade—17

To graduate—24



4 credits including: English Language Arts 1 (1.0 credit); and English Language Arts 2 (1.0 credit); and Expository Writing* (0.5 credit); and English Language Arts basic electives (1.5 credits)

Social Studies

4 credits including: U.S. History and Government (1.0 credit); and World History and Culture (1.0 credit); and Modern History of Hawaii (0.5 credit); and Participation in a Democracy (0.5 credit); and Social Studies basic elective (1.0 credit)


3 credits including: Algebra 1 (1.0 credit); and Geometry (1.0 credit); and mathematics basic elective (1.0 credit)


3 credits including: Biology 1 (1.0 credit); and science basic electives (2.0 credits)

  • World Language (note 1)
  • Fine Arts (note 2)
  • Career and Technical Education / JROTC (note 3)


2 credits in one of the specified programs of study.

Physical Education (P.E.)

1 credit including Physical Education Lifetime Fitness (0.5 credit); and Physical Education basic elective (0.5 credit)

Health 0.5 credit in Health Today and Tomorrow
Personal Transition Plan 0.5 credit
Electives (Any Subject Area) 6 credits
TOTAL: 24 credits


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